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One of the many things i love about traveling to the gulf is shopping for oud (aloeswood) while i have yet to find pure oud wood or oud oil that matches what i can get locally here in california at. Cambodian oud is a premium wholesale supplier of high quality pure oud oils. Find agarwood and everything you need to know about pure agarwood oil on ensar oud ensar oud online store is designed for the genuine lover of organic and wild agarwood, who settles for none but the purest quality oud oil.

Oud is all the rave with big perfume companies, where just about every big name has jumped on board with its ‘oud’ perfume the only problem is, none of them smell like oud. Define oud oud synonyms, oud pronunciation, oud translation, english dictionary definition of oud n. Oud oil is distilled from agarwood, and fetches high prices depending on the oil's purity the current global market for agarwood is estimated to be in the range of.

Ooh lord what a beautiful oud-based scent this is how an oud scent should smell like they should use it as a reference when making oud scents. Our online shop offers doumbek, oud, darbuka, egyptian oud, sombaty darbuka and large variety of arab instruments we offer also worldwide free shipping. The oud (or ud) is one of the oldest stringed instruments in existence, and is still regularly played today learn more in this article. Buy organic oud oil and give wild-harvested agarwood a chance to run for its life artisanally distilled organic oud smells every bit as good as wild-harvested agarwood oil. Oud definition, a musical instrument of the middle east and northern africa belonging to the lute family see more.

Oud (attributive ou, comparative ouer, superlative oudste) old dutch etymology from middle dutch out, from old dutch alt, from proto-germanic aldaz. Mt meru gives heavy discounts on agarwood beads, sandalwood beads, agarwood, aloeswood beads, sandalwood bracelet and aloeswood bracelets our motto is to deliver best quality at best price. Luxury aromatic oil manufacturer, supplier to the global fragrance and perfume markets high returns by buying a forward purchase agreement. About the oud, an incredible fretless string instrument from the near and middle east.

Product features if you like oud wood by tom ford, you'll love quality fragrance oils impression. 1 the term 'ud literally, 'ud means 'twig', 'flexible rod' or 'aromatic stick', and by inference 'piece of wood' in ibn khaldun (14th century), 'ud denoted the plectrum of the lute called barbat. Get free oud lessons, tips & advice here updated regularly.

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  • In the middle east, they take their oud very seriously but it has only caught on in a big way in the uk in last few years it is derived from the tropical agar tree, which is thought to originate in assam in india when the tree is infected by a mould known as phialophora parasitica it reacts by.
  • The oud (arabic: عود ‎) is a short-neck lute-type, pear-shaped stringed instrument (a chordophone in the hornbostel-sachs classification of instruments) with 11 or 13 strings grouped in 5 or 6 courses, commonly used in egyptian, syrian, palestinian, lebanese, iraqi, arabian, jewish, persian, greek, armenian, turkish, azerbaijani, north.

Toggle navigation home arabian oud about us achievements store location videos profile corporate care. Necked bowl lute - turkish oud we’re adding a traditional stringed instrument to the collection with oud this lute-like instrument has featured in historical texts that are hundreds of years old and it brings with it a heritage that’s unmatched in. In the arab origin, oud is considered to be “the king of instruments” it is assumed that the name al-oud is derived from the arabic for “the. It’s strong, it’s musky and almost animalistic in its sensuality some people love it while others find it offensive and gross we’re not talking about durian, the beloved but smelly southeast asian fruit but oud – one of the most expensive raw scent ingredients in the world known as oud.

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